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FORCE GROUP offers construction of exclusive houses and villas on individual projects: modern materials, unique design, thoughtful solutions, smart home system, landscaping, eco-friendliness and energy-saving technologies.
FORCE GROUP performs the whole cycle of works in low-rise construction: engineering, surveying, construction and erection works, author and technical supervision.
We provide the end costumer with fancy, functional and sustainable Villa solutions.

We have a cohesive team of highly professional specialists with a comprehensive approach to the implementation of the project and takes into account all details of the technical assignment. Beautiful, exclusive, durable and modern elite building, able to satisfy even the most demanding customers, will be erected in the shortest possible time at optimum cost. All our projects luxury homes is a collaboration of architects, designers and customers.

General characteristics for all structures are:

  • Unique,
  • Environmentally friendly,
  • Comfort,
  • Speed of construction,
  • Practicality,
  • Energy and water saving solutions,
  • Functional environmental planning,
  • High quality standards.

The Villa will be designed to suit the Arabic culture and the local conditions

We do not build standard houses. In every project we set ourselves a challenging and ambitious tasks and achieve their solution. This significantly improves the quality of life of those who choose our properties. Each work should be not just the finish, and the successful result that will exceed Your expectations.

Our goal is to create a comfortable and eco-friendly housing. We do everything in our power to provide customers with the best service, so our company is one of the market leaders in the construction of houses and villas. Moreover, all of our services at a reasonable price that are very please customers.

Success lies in continuous improvement of the quality of materials used and maintenance. Principles of our work lies in the systematic tracking of modern building trends, acquiring the best construction technologies, analysis of the feedback from our customers, finding the best suppliers and the application of innovations, so that services will reach a new level of quality.

The undisputed advantage is our own construction division. It consists of only high-end specialists. Lead construction professionals foremen, who have not only colossal theoretical knowledge, but also years of practical experience in the construction of houses and villas. To the architects of the company you can order both a working and a draft design. Specialists will assemble a quality house in accordance with all norms and standards of housing construction for a comfortable and carefree life in it for many years.


FORCE GROUP is a large manufacturer of houses and villas, optimally combining age-old traditions and the latest technologies of house-building. FORCE GROUP history is industrial production of a global scale, but retained a sincere, family approach to each buyer. Today our company is an international concern, whose representative offices operate in many countries of the world


Own modern production base and ongoing research activities provide exceptional quality and reliability of the wall material and various designs of houses and villas


The level of comfort of a house FORCE GROUP today are not inferior to the urban elite housing, and often exceed it. The feeling of comfort comes into being through the construction of houses from natural, eco-friendly material, spacious terraces and balconies, allowing nature to enter the house, its modern technical equipment.


Company FORCE GROUP built many houses in many countries. Long period of stay on the market, rich experience of construction in different regions of the world are a guarantee of the reliability of the company, reflected in the stable development of its business.

Samples of villas and interior design