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FORCE Group is an international oilfield service group providing a wide range of services in drilling and major repair of wells to the top oil and gas companies in Russia, Central and South Asia, South America and Middle East.

FORCE Group is continuously improving its efficiency by means of integration of new technologies in production, industrial safety and environment protection.

FORCE Group has extensive experience in various regions of the world, which help us to quickly adjust ourselves to the new geographical, infrastructural and legal parameters of operations and stay an efficient business partner.

FORCE GROUP implements:

  • Drilling
  • Well workovers
  • Additional services
  • Project Management and Service Contractors Management

FORCE Group technologies


FORCE Group has capacity, experience, engineering and management personnel for rendering drilling and other services indicated below:

  • exploration drilling (mobilization of drilling rigs and equipment, construction of drilling platforms and utilities, erection of drilling rigs, drilling and testing of exploration wells up to 12000 m)
  • production drilling (drilling of vertical, directional, horizontal, and multilateral wells, completion and commissioning of producing wells)
  • controlled drilling, including drilling with rotary redirectable systems
  • maintenance services of lowering the pipe at well drilling
  • maintenance services of cementing for casing column and extension pipes
  • recovery and repair of earlier drilled wells
  • sealing and major repair of production buildings
  • temporary abandonment, re-commissioning and final abandonment of wells.

Our team has the significant competitive advantages, and in particular, state-of-the-art boring machines and accessories of own production, including super heavy drilling rig with 600-ton lifting capacity. Please find below some examples of such equipment:

  • offshore drilling platforms of different types and versions
  • integrated unit for shelf hydro-explosion
  • motor cranes for assembly of oil production equipment with 25-120 –ton lifting capacity
  • fixed drilling rigs
  • self-propelled rigs
  • trailer rigs
  • self-propelled hoisting units
  • packages of power tongs for pipes
  • wellhead tool for lowering and return of equipment from underwater wellhead.

We integrated our program of environmental pollution minimization into HSE management policy, which was developed in compliance with the international standards. We use the environmentally friendly technologies to reduce ecological impact. These technologies include pitless drilling using additional coagulation and flocculation units, 5-stage cleaning system, etc.