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FORCE GROUP implementing:

  • Crude tank cleaning
  • Oil spill treatment
  • Oil-contaminated waste re-treatment and recovery
  • Cleaning of soil heavily contaminated with oil and other toxic substances
  • Cleaning of groundwater and water surface.

Oil-contaminated waste re-treatment and recovery

We treat and recover the oil sludge using our exclusive solutions and special biotechnology process thus ensuring environmentally friendly outcome suitable for solving major issues with maximum efficiency.


Toxic substances penetrate deep into the soil and groundwater due to emerging ecological problems, which grievously damages the environment and health of people.

We offer unique solutions of soil reclamation and water treatment to solve these issues and bring the environment in its initial safe condition.

You can solve the following tasks using our exclusive technologies:

  • Hydrocarbons stop penetrating into the natural (artificial) water bodies
  • Territory is cleaned up to all depth of contamination
  • Soil is cleaned and groundwater is treated

Our technology has a number of undeniable advantages in comparison to other companies trying to work in ecological sphere:

  • Verified environmental safety
  • Absence of any hazardous side effects
  • Recovery of hydrocarbons and their return to production cycle
  • Prevention of groundwater contamination with hydrocarbons
  • Micro-biological treatment of oil sludge or sediments at the specially equipped areas or their delivery to specialized landfills at request of the customers
  • Treatment of contaminated soil and groundwater without damaging them
  • Complete cleaning of the territory up to all depth of contamination
  • Contaminated soil and groundwater treatment without excavation, i.e. without damaging the soil, extension of terms and growth of work costs
  • Containment of contamination, impossibility of its spread beyond the working site
  • Absence of chemicals application at production of works
  • Absence of thermal treatment of soil
  • Absence of radioactive components application
  • Prevention of hazard of the used materials and chemicals penetration beyond the contaminated area at production of works
  • Environmental friendliness of works, certification of all materials and availability of permits for the materials application

Our work has the following results:

  • Stop of hydrocarbons penetration into the natural (artificial) water bodies
  • Complete cleaning of the contaminated soil
  • Cleanup of hydrocarbons at the groundwater level.

The environmental problems that we solve

Before cleaning