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FORCE GROUP is an International company.

Basing on diversification principle, FORCE GROUP conducts various activities including the following:

  • Oil and oil products trade
  • Services for geological exploration, drilling, well services, as well as oil and gas extraction
  • Civil and industrial construction including oil-and-gas pipelines, roads, bridges, airports and stadiums, power stations, and oil products storage tanks
  • Washing and cleaning of soils, ground waters and water basins from oil contaminations and toxic substances
  • Cleaning of oil storage tanks from oil sludge, construction of oil tanks, technical diagnosis of reservoirs
  • Investment
  • Assistance in development of our partners business and arrangement of all associated indispensable conditions

Variety of activities, international operation, administrative resource and perfect marketing policy allow us to have a stable economic foundation and immunity to arising challenges of modernity; this provides comprehensive opportunities for a company’s development and implementation of our partners’ interests.

Herewith, what we need is not only financial result of operation, but long-term trust-based relations with our partners.

FORCE GROUP is a structure, whose activities are supported by a network of offices in various countries around the world.

Our activities are based on honesty, transparency, openness and the desire to ensure the mutual benefit of all stakeholders.


FORCE GROUP implements its own international program «GREEN FORCE», which is aimed at solving environmental problems of mankind with the help of unique technologies that the company has.

Following the results of the 55th session on social development of the United Nations, the following resolution was adopted regarding the activities of FORCE GROUP.


«To create favorable conditions for expanding the role and place of reserves in technology, methods and means of managing sustainable development in modern conditions, participants of the side event consider it necessary:

Agree and support:

— environmental and social program FORCE GROUP «GREEN FORCE», aimed at eliminating heavy pollution by oil products and other toxic substances, recycling and disposal of oil waste, cleaning of soils, groundwater and water bodies on the basis of unique technologies.

Additional information about the session results by reference: